право имя прилагательное:
правый (right, Dexter, dextral, off, right-angled, right-hand)
прямой (direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, immediate)
правильный (correct, right, proper, regular, Sound, straight)
верный (faithful, true, right, loyal, correct, certain)
справедливый (fair, just, equitable, right, righteous, impartial)
подходящий (suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, fit)
лицевой (facial, obverse, right)
надлежащий (proper, good, due, right, fitting, expedient)
здоровый (healthy, fit, sound, wholesome, healthful, right)
уместный (relevant, pertinent, opportune, apt, germane, right)
в хорошем состоянии (fit, taut, right, sitting pretty, well-conditioned, well-placed)
исправный (OK, sound, in order, taut, right, okay)
реакционный (reactionary, retrograde, conservative, retrogressive, right, white)
имя существительное:
право (right, law, title, freedom, faculty, business)
правильность (right, correctness, accuracy, regularity, propriety, trueness)
справедливость (justice, Equity, fairness, right, righteousness, justness)
порядок (order, method, course, right, discipline, exponent)
правая сторона (right, face, offside, face of cloth)
привилегия (privilege, franchise, perk, indulgence, prerogative, right)
справедливое требование (right)
истинное положение вещей (right)
действительность (reality, actuality, real, fact, validity, right)
именно тот, который нужен (right)
прямо (direct, right, straight, directly, live, uprightly)
правильно (properly, right, correctly, Well, rightly, accurately)
направо (right, to the right, rightward, rightwards, recto)
верно (right, correctly, surely, truly, faithfully, aright)
непосредственно (directly, direct, immediately, right, live, square)
справедливо (justly, fairly, rightly, right, rightfully, evenly)
точно (exactly, precisely, accurately, just, definitely, right)
сразу же (right, at the first onset, in short)
как раз (just, exactly, right, even as, Even, bang)
тут же (right, ready at hand, ready to hand, ready to hands)
очень (very, extremely, highly, much, very much, right)
надлежащим образом (in order, right, in the proper way)
совершенно (completely, absolutely, quite, perfectly, entirely, right)
должным образом (properly, duly, in due course, rightly, right)
полностью (fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, right)
исправлять (correct, fix, rectify, mend, repair, right)
исправляться (right, reform, better, straighten)
выпрямлять (straighten, rectify, right, flatten, unbend, erect)
выпрямляться (straighten, right, unbend, right oneself, sit up, draw up)
защищать права (right)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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